Transportation is a category name for learning the mechanics and details of transportation vehicles. The available programs are aviation and automotive technology. Each program offers an introduction, hands-on experience, and interaction with guest speakers about careers related to the industry.

The programs provide a solid foundation for other careers; such as commercial pilot, aircraft designer, aircraft mechanic, or aerospace engineer for the aviation program. As automotive is a major industry in Michigan, the automotive technology is a great pathway to many jobs. Another benefit is for young drivers to become familiar with cars and be able to do light maintenance on their own vehicles. In general, CTE programs can be beneficial not only for careers, but also for everyday life.

The transportation industry is well-suited for students who enjoy working with their hands as well as understanding the mechanics and regulations of vehicles whether they be on land or in the air. The courses involve a combination of classroom and hands-on material, which makes the content even more engaging.

Both the aviation and automotive industry provide stable and interesting careers and are especially useful in Michigan. Check out the individual programs by clicking on the links below.