Robotic equipment

Robotics/ Mechatronics

Robotics students focus on the design and building of complex electro-mechanical systems that perform repetitive processes with a high degree of precision and reliability. Individual work-cells built in the classroom may form materials, weld, paint, sort or test individual objects. The modern manufacturing operation has replaced manual material handling with robots, thus making it possible for one robotic technician to operate several processes at once.

Robotics students are usually considering engineering or a related area as a future career.

Robotics is at Pinckney Community High School. You may visit the web site at

Student programming robotics

Available Courses

School Program Instructor Contact High School Credit Post Secondary Credit
Engineering/Robotics 1,2,3 *Possibility of Out-of-District studentsBenjamin Lear

4th Math, VPAA, 3rd Science, 2nd Global LanguageWashtenaw Community College, Kirtland Community College, Davenport University