Health Sciences

Health sciences is a category name that covers a broad range of careers in the medical field from doctor to nurse to therapist to personal trainer to EMT. Each position serves the patient in a different area of healing from emergency to hospital medical care to recovery to personalize care.

The medical field is perfect for those who care about people and are interested in the human body. Each patient is different, which means no day is like the rest. In a medical career, you get to work with your hands, help patients, and interact with a variety of people.

Our programs include Health Occupations and Emergency Medical Technician, both of which grant certifications in basic medical skills such as first aid and CPR. The courses are composed of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on learning with engaging material and excellent instructors.

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projected that the medical field will grow by 18% from 2016 to 2026 and will add 2.4 million jobs, which is much more than the average for other occupations. Now and the future is a great time to have a career in the medical field, so try one of our programs to see if you are interested in helping people.