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Computer Programming

Computer science is a fast-growing industry that needs a talented workforce. Computer science is a great combination of math, science, and art as each program is different and allows for the programmer to be creative. Try one of the courses below and see if computer programming is in your future! Many of the introduction classes require no experience and welcome beginners.

Introduction to Programming

This course is an introduction to programming and is a perfect course for any student who has an interest in computers, technology, or programming. Novices welcome! If you would you love to get involved with computer programming, digital media, or other types of cutting-edge technology, look no further, because Wired is the class for you. Solve problems using a variety of technology by developing Apps, designing and creating games, and investigating a variety of user friendly programming languages. Receive an introduction to the endless possibilities of technology in this semester long course.

AP Computer Science Principles

Students design and implement innovative solutions using an iterative process similar to what artists, writers, computer scientists, and engineers use to bring ideas to life. This course covers the fundamentals of computer science and its impact on people, society, and innovation. Course topics include: algorithms, abstraction, elementary logic, generating and analyzing computational artifacts, digital security and privacy, computer networks, data encoding, creative and ethical computing, and using programming languages to develop computational artifacts. The course focus is on creativity. This course focuses on using technology and programming as a means to solve computational problems and create exciting and personally relevant artifacts.

Available Courses

School Program Instructor Contact High School Credit Post Secondary Credit
AP Computer Science PrinciplesAnne Hasseld810-626-2287
4th year math credit
AP Computer Science PrinciplesMichelle Costa810-299-4100
4th year math credit, 2nd year foreign language
AP Computer Science Principles

4th Year Math
Computer Programming

4th Year Math
Gaming & Application Engineering I & IIJanis Navarre540-8300

Online Learning Experience
Introduction to ProgrammingAnne Hasseld810-626-2287
Online Learning Experience, 4th Year Math
Programming Game DevelopmentMichelle Costa810-299-4100
4th Math, 2nd Global Language, 3rd Science
Video Game Design

4th Year Math