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Have you always loved the idea of flying? Then the Aviation Academy may be just the program for you! This one year program opens the doors for students that have the desire and passion to be involved in any aspect of the aviation industry.

Content areas in this program include; weather, air space, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, performance charts, physics, flight planning, Air Traffic Controller communications and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. In this ground school program, you will also hear from guest speakers in a variety of roles in the industry and attend field trips for hands-on learning experiences.

Careers in this industry are endless and the job outlook is very encouraging with several jobs in this career field expecting an 8-14% increase through 2022. Some of the career that you can explore include: commercial pilot, air traffic controller, flight instructor, aircraft design, aircraft mechanic, aviation safety inspector, airport management, aerospace or aeronautical engineer, airport security/law enforcement, aviation lawyer, dispatcher or airport grounds crew member.

Through a partnership with Crosswinds Aviation, you will have the option of earning your private pilots license at your own expense outside of class time at the Livingston County Airport in Howell. This opportunity can save students who plan to continue their study of aviation in college, thousands of dollars in the long run.

21/22 Intro Letter 

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to the 2021/2022 Aviation Academy with LESA and Crosswinds Aviation. The 1st day of school in Howell is Aug. 18th, however the first day of class for the Aviation Academy is Monday, Aug. 30th, 2021. This year we have 2 sessions; morning session will be 7:30am- 9:00 am and afternoon session will be 12:50 – 2:20p.m. Please look at your class schedule closely to know which session you will be in. Students can meet with school counselors to review their schedules and answer questions.

Our classroom is at Crosswinds Aviation, 3808 W. Grand River, Howell, MI 48855 which is located on the field at the Livingston County Airport. We will be reviewing the parking policy during the first week. Students,
please plan on arriving a few minutes early to get parked and find our classroom.

Crosswinds Aviation will be working with each parent and student to provide a free flight in association with the Young Eagles Program through the EAA. If your student has not ever received a Young Eagle flight we
would like you and your student to come to Crosswinds Aviation and have them receive this flight before September 15th, if possible.  Please call 517-552-1101 to schedule this. An EAA permission form will need
to be completed and signed by a parent to be able to do the flight so please come with a parent. Once this flight is accomplished, each student will receive a logbook with an access code to unlock numerous benefits we
will be utilizing during the year. If you would like to read more, you can visit their website at: or call our office to receive more information: 517-552-1101.

Location of Class- 3808 W. Grand River, Howell, 48855. We are 1 mile north-west of M-59 on Grand River.
The road narrows to 2 lanes and turn into the drive with the sign for Crosswinds Aviation. There is a gate there but turn right into the back parking lot and drive all the way around. After parking, enter the last set of glass doors.

Our instructor for this class will be Julie Liberti. She is a Gold Seal FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor and Advanced Ground School Instructor. She taught at Lansing Community College for many years
and has extensive experience teaching ground schools at the collegiate and high school level. She looks forward to sharing with you all the many opportunities to begin to delve into this thing we call AVIATION.

Policies can be found at
PLEASE REVIEW THESE BEFORE COMING TO CLASS! It will be required for all students to sign
a form stating they have read and understand the policies.
Textbooks and aviation training materials required for the curriculum are provided by LESA. You will have the
option to purchase some of them at the end of the year. These supplies will be provided as well:
• 3-ring notebook – 2” (Supplied by LESA)
• 8-tab dividers (Supplied by LESA)
• Student daily planner (Supplied by LESA)
School supplies that are needed for the class for students to bring are the following:
• Lined paper
• Markers
• Pencils
• Pens
Please bring your supplies and a willingness to learn!

We will be holding the LESA Aviation Academy Orientation on August 31 and September 2nd in our hangar at 6:30pm at Crosswinds Aviation.
This will be an opportunity to ask questions, receive additional information about the program, meeting our staff and a tour of Crosswinds Aviation.

As a first assignment, we are asking that each student send an email with the following before Aug. 27th

• student name, student school district, student phone number & preferred email address
• parent’s names and their associated phone numbers and emails
• date of orientation you plan on attending
Send this information to
If you have any questions prior to the start of the school year, please call or email us!

Blue Skies,
Julie Liberti, Instructor, CFII-Gold Seal

Matt & Andrea Dahline
AGII, Commercial Pilot Crosswinds Aviation – Owners


Available Courses

School Program Instructor Contact High School Credit Post Secondary Credit
Crosswinds AviationJulie Liberti517-552-1101
ElectiveNorthwestern Michigan College