Applied Technology

Applied technology is a category name for programs that combine academic science with hands-on learning and practiced skills. The available programs are construction, energy, and manufacturing. Each program is unique in its course structure, technology, and end certifications, but each one provides valuable experience for future careers in the industry.

Students in Howell’s Construction program build an entire house and sell it at the end of the year. How many students can say they built a house in high school?! The Energy program at Hartland provides an introduction to the theoretical and technical knowledge of energy and electrical systems as well as initial industry certification to pursue a career as an electrical overhead lineman. Manufacturing at Howell and Pinckney has high-tech equipment similar to those in the industry to provide students a background in precise and high quality manufacturing and machine technology.

A great advantage that students in Livingston County have is the out-of-district/shared-time partnership of the school districts. A student from any high school in Livingston County can travel to another school district for a special course not offered at their home high school. All of the programs in the Applied Technology category accept out-of-district students. For more information about out-of-district students, visit the FAQ page under the Resources tab. Students can experience multiple programs and industries through this partnership, so check the courses individually by clicking on the links below.