Students participating in different activities related to agriculture, botany, and zoology

Agriscience/ Botany/ Zoology

The Agriculture program provides students with experimental learning opportunities in botany, greenhouse management, zoology and veterinary science.  Students will learn plant anatomy, physiology, soils and plant nutrition, tree and wildflower identification, forestry, and greenhouse management.  Hands on experience in our interactive learning lab, woodlot, and community partner locations will take learning out of the classroom into real life scenarios.

Aspects of animal anatomy, physiology and health will be taught in the classroom and brought to life with experimental learning opportunities. Hands on projects could include agriculture production, incubation of eggs and rearing of chicks, raising broiler chickens, beekeeping and more. This block course is appropriate for students interested in agriculture, food, and natural resources.  Students in this class will have opportunities to improve leadership, personal growth, and practical skills through participation in the Fowlerville FFA chapter.

Available Courses

School Program Instructor Contact High School Credit Post Secondary Credit
Agricultural Science & Zoology & Botany *Possibility of Out-of-District studentsCurtis Refior517-223-6054

4th Yr. Math, 2nd Global Language, 3rd ScienceMichigan State University