Teacher Cadet – Howell

Early Childhood Education – Howell

Teacher Cadet – Brighton

Early Childhood Education – Brighton

Active classroom for early education



The Early Childhood Education ( ECE ) programs at Howell and Brighton High schools provide classroom teaching exploration through actual experience working in an on-campus, pre-school lab. The curriculum covers child growth and development, health and nutritional needs, positive guidance skills, supervision, safety, entry-level aide skills, and how to plan, prepare and implement daily activities and lesson plans.

Teacher Preparation at Howell High School is a pre-professional program for students who wish to become elementary, middle school, or high school teachers. The program emphasizes the teaching and learning process, the psychology of learning, the development of teaching strategies, and the evaluation of teaching effectiveness. Students invest considerable classroom time on group projects and then practice what they have learned in schools as teacher aides, tutors, and presenters.

Students interested in becoming elementary school teachers (as well as those interested in running a pre-school or working in family services, human services, special needs education or child psychology), find this program gives them a leg up in both college and the workplace.

Employment opportunities in the child and family service areas are expected to grow faster than the national average of many other industries.

Early Childhood Education and Teacher Preparation programs are available at Howell and Brighton High Schools. Teacher Preparation is at Howell but enrollment is limited.

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