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student using buzz saw to cut wood


The Construction Trades program starts as an exploratory class in the building trades areas of site planning, rough carpentry ( framing floors, walls and roofs ), siding and roofing, as well as masonry skills ( laying brick and block ) related to new construction. Second year students acquire more specialized skills in wiring, plumbing, and interior finishing. The lessons are designed to reinforce the basics of interpreting plans, taking accurate measurements, using basic math, and use tools common to the trades in a safe and efficient manner – all skills essential to becoming a competent construction worker. Students will use a variety of hand and power tools necessary to get the job done right.

Construction Trades is a project-based program. Some classes build sheds, others a deck, and even a whole house will be constructed at the school and later moved to a permanent location. Students plan, estimate costs, construct, and follow up on all phases of each project.

Students must be safety and detail-oriented, and have a motivation to be a professional crafts person. Taking personal pride in one’s work is an essential attribute of all construction technicians.

Construction Trades programs are available at Hartland and Howell High Schools, and different schools have specific areas of concentration.

Student cutting wood